October 19, 2014

"The Crew" Page #8

WARNING: The Following is a Continuing Story Arc, and May End in a Cliffhanger:

So there I was… out of breath and waiting for Buck to arrive at the park. So I waited… And waited… And waited… And waited… And waited… And waited… And waite- okay, I think you get the picture.

I waited a total of ten minutes, but I was counting every second that I waited for Buck’s “army” to illuminate what exactly I was even waiting for. Buck’s vagueness and suspense never worked so well… that and the magic squirrel thing (that phrase must sound so weird out of context). Ten minutes of waiting finally amounted to the anticipated arrival of Buck and Luke.

Luke was tall, standing at 5’’7, and bore straight, golden hair, barely reaching down to his ears. His eyes were an icy blue, and his skin was whiter than… a piece of printer paper. Printer paper’s pretty white.. That’s a pretty good analogy.

Luke was Buck’s cousin, along with pretty much half of the town. Cloverdale was Hunt-Territory, and if you messed with any of them, the whole town was against you. This gave Buck a sort of diplomatic immunity when it came to adventuring; if we just so happened to step on private property, we’d get off Scott Free, and wouldn’t have to sneak around like spies (however, we did some times ‘cause playing spy is fun!). Once a landowner saw the trademark Hunt blonde hair, he knew he mustn't mess with this group of trespassers.

The two walked down the street to the park, both with amazingly serious expressions. Buck was holding the Spell Book in one arm, and a notebook in the other. The two wore matching sunglasses, which may sound kinda tacky, but Buck could pull of sunglasses and he knew it. As the two slowly strutted down Clark Ave. to the meeting place, I couldn't help but gaze at the total bad-ass looking duo.

I wiped off the sweat of my forehead and fixed my hair in the camera of my phone. I coolly walked over to the two, slyly saying, “Oh yeah, we’re doing that meeting thing today, aren’t we?” I couldn’t let Buck know that his tactic of anticipation worked on me.