October 2, 2014

"The Crew" Page #5

WARNING: The Following is a Continuing Story Arc, and May End in a Cliffhanger:

“Have you been paying attention at all?”
“I am shocked, Mrs. Hetrick! Appalled even.”
“What lesson am I teaching?”
“Okay you got me there…”
“Get out of my classroom, Jack,” she said calmly.

As I pathetically walked out of that classroom, I wandered over to the computer lab a few classrooms over, which was conveniently unlocked. I quickly scurried to the furthest computer in the dark room. The only thing guiding my steps were the glowing power-buttons of the cheap, malfunctioning computers.
My blinded journey to the furthest row (there were like 6 rows of 4 computers in each… it was a very small computer lab) was finally completed. As I sat down in the worn out “wheelie-chair,” I quickly logged into the student account with the generic “student@101” password. In a flash of slight head turning, I checked the time. 2:40; still 20 minutes left.
I double-clicked Google Chrome and typed in: www.skillsandpotions.com. It sent me to a sketchy looking website, and the font they used was none other than the epitome of repulsive fonts: papyrus. I freaking hate papyrus! What if I typed the rest of the story with papyrus? That would suck, right? The website wa- sorry, the font was stuck on papyrus. Won't happen again. So anyways, the website was accompanied by a boastful slogan, bragging about their “largest wizarding community in North America.” It didn’t look like there was much competition in that department.
As I scrolled through the categories of “spells” listed on the website, one caught my eye: Love Spells. I clicked the link, which sent to an even larger list of subcategories. Commitment Spells; no, Erotic Spells; not what I’m looking for, Sexual Spells; god, wizards are pervs! Ah, here we go: Attraction Spells!

I clicked “Attraction Spells” and found myself at the beginning of a very long list of user submitted “spells”. I clicked the first spell, which was titled, “Love Potion N.9,” an obvious reference to the 1992 romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock. I printed it out proceeded to wait for the fastest printer the school could afford… Sadly the school couldn't afford much.

September 29, 2014

"The Crew" Page #4

WARNING: The Following is a Continuing Story Arc, And May End in a Cliffhanger:

That day in math was uneventful… at least I think it was… I wasn’t really paying attention to the teacher. Not that that wasn’t usual for me, or the entire class for that matter. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the squirrel. It was so strange… Where could it have come fr-
“Hey Jack.”
That’s when I lost track of that thought.
“Hey Brooke,” I said shyly.
“Do you know what Mrs. Hetrick is talking about? I’ve kind of been zoning out,” she said through a light blush.
“No, sorry, I’ve been thinking about stuff…”
“Okay, I’ll just ask Luke then…”
“No don’t!” I blurted out of nowhere. Luke also had a crush on Brooklyn. I knew by the glance he gave her every now and then. This alone didn’t make me nervous; it was the glance that she returned to him.
“Why don’t you ask Sami? She’s closer,” I suggested. I knew Sami was paying attention. What squirrels could she possibly be zoning out over?
“Okay then…” she said, as she turned to Sami, “Hey, are you Sami?” and that was the beginning of Brooke and Sami’s long lasting friendship.
Ah, Brooklyn. Her beauty was only matched by her sweet yet shy personality.

“Hey you, Jack, What’s the solution to this equation?” asked Mrs. Hetrick, interrupting my fantasizing of Brooke.
“Umm, 2. No 4!”
“Close… it’s actually 1/2B².”

“Oh sorry… forgot to carry the one…”