April 26, 2015

A Kind Man is not a Kind of Man in Mankind

Verse:                    Syllables:

Hate lives on from the beginning of time,               10          
Thus the beginning of all mankind.                          9
Man makes fire, and fire thrives.                              8
Fire lives and takes man’s lives,                              7
And turns man against man,                                    6
And men don’t much mind.                                      5
This kind of man                                                      4
Is not kind.                                                               3
Man needs                                                               2
Hate.                                                                        1
Man                                                                          1
Hates man,                                                               2
Man loves hate.                                                        3
Man loves TO hate                                                   4
As well as he can.                                                     5
Man hates man for his views.                                   6
War on man goes on through truce.                         7
Man kills man to let his hate loose.                           8
Thus leads to the end of all mankind,                       9
And hate will live on to the end of time.                   10


A lot of people forget about the more traditional Joker in favor of the Heath Ledger performance (which is great BTW) or the new, Marilyn Manson-esque Jared Leto version. I wanted to commemorate the often ignored, but iconic, comic book version of the Joker by making this poster. I also made this stencil below, which could be used for... carving jack-o-lanterns... or... looking at... but definitely not anything illegal, like say graffiti... in fact, I'd venture to say that in the spirit of the law abiding nature of the Joker, it would be disrespectful to use his image in any illegal way. He'd want you to make a jack-o-lantern out of him. Here's the stencil: