December 14, 2014

The End is (Somewhat) Nigh!

This is my freshman year play in high school. I co-wrote the play (And acted as the delightfully flamboyant Hades) with my friend Matthew Hale (Who plays Cthulhu) and is a religious satire with a musical number written by yours truly. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this play, and to just say how relieved I am that it was such a success.
Tyler Wanke- Ares (The God of War)   
Jack Preskitt (Me)- Hades (Lord of the Undrworld)
Lucas Kadeg- Zeus (God of Lightening)    
Greta Rose- Unnamed/ Unimportant Yelling Scientist
Logan Smith- Narrator/ Yelling, Dying Guy  
Alex Hale- Agent J (Jesus Christ)
Matthew Hale- Cthulhu
Written By: 
Matthew Hale (Mostly) and Jack Preskitt (Song "Welcome to Hell", and half of the jokes)

My song couldn't be heard from the uproarious laughter (wasn't expecting that at all by the way), so I have taken the liberty to post the lyrics here: 

Welcome to hell!
The underworld is hella swell
The flames of sin burn hella hell
But everyone is happy here
That's why we sing this happy cheer!